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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Took (almost) a week break from social media last week and I can't even begin to describe how incredible it felt! It's crazy to think that ever since I first started using Instagram which was like 2012ish, I literally had never really gone a day or so without checking it... Like what even was life before Instagram/social media?! It felt so amazing to let go of the app and really immerse myself in the present moment, something I had been neglecting myself from doing for so so long. Maybe for fear of missing out, trying to keep up with the trends, or a big part of it for me was feeling like I'm "not doing enough" if I'm not posting or promoting every single day. It's hard to find purpose for yourself if everyday your mind is constantly being flooded with other peoples thoughts & opinions - you start to lose grasp on what your own thoughts/ideas are. I highly suggest for everyone to do a social media detox at least once a month! It is so helpful to stay grounded and present and will make you feel 1000x lighter. 

Why Social Media Detoxes Are Important: 

  • System. Overload.  Essentially, you can picture your mind when you check social media like Eleven from Stranger Things - how she can tune into frequencies and then listen to all this crazy information that literally leaves her with a nose bleed from how hard her mind is working... I would say checking social media consistently is practically almost the same thing. LOL. A tad dramatic but you might think checking social media is harmless or a mindless thing, but it really is doing so much more than that.
  • You are being drawn away from your truth & your own moral values. Don't get me wrong - social media can be a blessing as well. It's a great way to form connections and can even serve as inspiration. However, when it gets to be a social media addiction (i.e subconsciously checking the app for no good reason other than to escape from reality) you start to lose yourself. Your opinions and thoughts become morphed into others and you become heavily influenced by the influencers. Disconnecting from social media will help you ground yourself & get back to focusing on living life for only YOU and no one else.
  • Imposter Syndrome & Comparison Game. When you are constantly checking social media, you are also constantly comparing yourself with everyone you see on there. I would say the majority of humans do this. Subconsciously, you see someone doing exactly what you're doing & you think, "Wow, they're doing so much better than me. They are amazing, I feel so inadequate. Maybe I shouldn't even be a business owner. I don't even qualify compared to them." You could also compare yourself physically and feel like you don't fit in with social media's standards/ idea of beauty (which is garbage anyways - don't even get me started on IG likes!) It's a nasty thought process that literally will not get you anywhere in life. My manifestation / law of attraction backers can totally understand this! Taking a break will not only deplete this thought process but it will also help you to regain your own self confidence and go at your own pace - without judgement from others or even worse, judgement from yourself.

Here are some helpful things I did to keep the streak going:

  1. Delete the app from your phone: I thought I could do it if I just signed out of my personal accounts and kept my business ones logged in.. NO WAY. The best way to do this is by going cold turkey. Once the app is gone you will see just how many times you subconsciously go exactly to where the app used to be without even realizing it to try and click it and trust me.. it will come as a bit of a shock!
  2. Start small then get bigger. I started with a week and then maybe overtime as you need social media less and less you can move onto a 2 week break, 3 week and maybe even a month! It's like literally weaning yourself off of it LOL! A true addiction.
  3. Let your close friends/family know so they're aware & also so they can help you stay off it!
  4. Be intentional & present: Use this time to really be aware of the present moment. Instead of reaching for your phone right when you wake up, don't touch it & see how long you can go without it. Take 10 minutes where you used to scroll through Facebook or Instagram in the morning and set an intention for the day, meditate & also be aware + grateful for all that you have
  5. Start journaling or taking on a new hobby: with all of the time you'll have on your hands you can full immerse yourself in something you've been wanting to try or do. Live in the moment and just be.  Sit with your thoughts and write them all out. Clear your mind. This will also help distract you from being bored or restless as well! Self care comes before social media. 

When it's over...

Once the detox is up- continue with this pattern. You are going to feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Not relying on social media to serve as a source of happiness feels incredible. Being happy and living in the moment beats anything that happens on social media. 

  • When you redownload the app; don't put it in the same spot. I actually put mine on the page of my phone that is the furthest, requiring me to swipe like three times to get to it! Not having the app in your peripheral vision (can I call it that?! lol) really helps you to not check it as often!
  • Set daily limits. Use the daily limits on iPhone that times how long you've been on an app and then kicks you off when you have gone over. Life saver
  • Be aware + try to limit the times you go on it. Maybe only use it during your lunch break, in the evening when you're watching tv or whenever it may be. Just try to not mindlessly check it throughout the day so that your mind is clear + not constantly being bombarded with nonsense. 
  • If you NEED these apps for business purposes, try to set a schedule. Maybe spend a day or two working on content for these apps and scheduling them out in advance so you aren't manually going into the app as much and pressing post. I use UNUM & Buffer to schedule posts and they are life savers! Both are free.
  • Try to practice Social Media Free Sundays - or Fridays or any day that works for you. Get yourself away from the phone and into your own mind and life. 
I hope this post helped / inspired you to start living in the moment!

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